About our E-mail Marketing service

It’s known to all that, every email sent to current customers could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send requests for business, advertisements, solicit sales, or any others.

As part of marketing, email marketing is still the most effective strategy for marketing today. The IT Lab Industry is a popular email marketing platform in Bangladesh that has a mission to provide email marketing that's simpler, more intuitive, and better value than others competition.

It's a great email marketing platform for teams and small businesses. It offers a landing page builder. It’s clean and drag-and-drop-based, it making easy to use for anyone who needs to quickly build and play a landing page along with an email campaign.

Key Feature of Marketing:

  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Email sequences
  • Landing pages
  • Web forms
  • SMS marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Site messaging
  • Push notifications
  • Contact segmentation
  • Email templates
  • Bulk SMS marketing

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